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Extension 100

Current and former 4-H members participate in challenge to revitalize part of WVU Jackson’s Mill

For West Virginia 4-H’ers, the Council Circle at West Virginia University Jackson’s Mill is more than just a meeting place for camp, it’s an integral part of their 4-H experience. Now, WVU Extension Service is challenging campers and friends to help rebuild the structure.

The Council Circle Challenge is a year-long development campaign to raise $25,000 to be partnered with a $100,000 gift from a family of 4-H and WVU Jackson’s Mill alumni.

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Debbie McDonald

WVU Extension Director – 4-H Youth Development

In 2003, after WVU Extension’s own time of reflection and preparation, the state’s 4-H Youth Development Program was placed into the care of Debbie McDonald, an educator committed to recalibrating 4-H educational programs with 4-H youth development principles.

Ask her why a 4-H’er working with rocketry projects can have positive emotional and intellectual outcomes similar to those of a 4-H’er focusing on nutrition projects.

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