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Preserve summer’s harvest with WVU Extension Service canning resources

As summer comes to an end, gardeners don’t have to stop enjoying hard-earned fruits and vegetables right away. Canning resources available on West Virginia University Extension Service’s website as part of the We Can Food Preservation series can help West Virginia residents safely preserve the tastes of summer for winter months ahead. Learn more about the food preservation…

Litha Sivanandan

Litha Sivanandan

WVU Extension Specialist – Food Safety and Preservation

Litha Sivanandan, Ph.D., is working to help increase training opportunities available for West Virginians to become successful food entrepreneurs. She hopes to accomplish this by increasing the food business in the state and with training on byproduct utilization and sustainability.

She is a certified instructor and proctor of ServSafe, certified for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point for Meat and Poultry Processors, and certified for Better Process Control School (Acidified Foods). Learn more about Litha's work...