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livestock roundup

85th Annual West Virginia Livestock Roundup to kick off this September

The 2015 State 4-H/FFA Livestock Roundup will take place Sept. 16 to 20 at West Virginia University Jackson’s Mill. Heading into its 85th year, the annual West Virginia 4-H/FFA Youth Development event is the longest running feeder calf show and sale in the nation.

The event allows youths to exhibit cattle while offering the general public and producers throughout the state to come together, share knowledge through demonstrations and support the industry by participating in the auction. Learn more about the West Virginia Livestock Roundup…

Ronnie Helmondollar

Ronnie Helmondollar

WVU Extension Interim Director – Agriculture and Natural Resources

If you ask Ronnie Helmondollar, opportunity begets challenges, and challenges beget opportunity. It’s not a strange notion for Extension agents in their daily work across the state, but for Helmondollar, it resonates a bit more as he steps into his role as interim director for the Agriculture and Natural Resources programs for the West Virginia University Extension Service.

From a young age, Helmondollar has been aware of the opportunities that surround him, knowing that sometimes those opportunities come in surprising forms, such as livestock. Learn more about Ronnie's work...