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Periodic Cicadas

Cicadas – are the Brood V coming to a tree near you?

Have you heard of Brood V? Brood V is a group of periodic cicadas that will be appearing throughout much of West Virginia this year. These cicadas will be emerging in mass from the soil where they have spent the last 17 years sucking the nutrients from tree roots. From May through June the adult male cicadas will announce their presence with a loud chorus of sound that they use to attract a potential mate. Once the females have successfully mated, they will cut small slits in the twigs of trees to lay their eggs. When the eggs hatch the immature cicadas (called nymphs) will burrow into the soil where they will remain for another 17 years to start the process anew. Learn more about periodic cicadas…

Daniel Frank

Daniel Frank

WVU Extension Specialist –

There are more species of insects in the world than other animals and plants combined.

With so many critters and creepy crawlies in our backyards and gardens, it is important to know which ones are pests and which ones are wildly beneficial. This is where West Virginia University Extension Specialist and Entomologist Daniel Frank can help. Learn more about Daniel's work...