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Cut costs, calories this Thanksgiving with tips from WVU Extension Service

Preparing holiday meals can create stress on budgets and waistlines, but a West Virginia University Extension Service specialist says simplicity is key to keeping guests happy and healthy during the holidays.

“Holidays are often associated with big, traditional meals. By taking a simplistic approach, you can save yourself unnecessary stress, extra calories and strained finances,” said Amy Gannon, a registered dietitian and specialist with WVU Extension’s Family Nutrition Program.

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Amy Gannon

Amy Gannon

WVU Extension Specialist –
Youth Specialist for Family Nutrition Programs

Gannon serves as a faculty member for the Family Nutrition Programs. As a registered and licensed dietitian, she works to promote pediatric and adolescent nutrition across the state, focusing particularly on limited-resource audiences.

“It’s my job to education children on simple ways to choose healthy foods. I also work with parents on affordable ways to create nutritious meals while purchasing within their budgets,” Gannon said.

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