Safety & Health

Mark Fullen Mark Fullen

WVU Extension Director –
Safety and Health

Safety first – it’s not just a worksite mantra, it’s a mission for West Virginia University Safety and Health Extension Director Mark Fullen.

West Virginia has a long history of occupational disasters, from the Hawk’s Nest tunnel disaster where thousands of men were exposed to fatal levels of silica dust, to the Willow Island scaffold collapse that took 51 lives, to mining disasters from Monongah to Sago.

“From my perspective none of these disasters should have happened. If we can prevent one fatality, one disaster, or one serious injury through our training and outreach programs, then we have succeeded,” Fullen said.

Fullen leads a crew of Safety and Health Extension faculty and staff that have an unprecedented level of expertise across all areas of occupational safety and health.

WVU Safety and Health Extension is able to serve the public, in part, because of their grant writing expertise. Many of their programs are offered at reduced-cost or free to small businesses who qualify. Trainings cover everything from fall prevention to oil and gas operation hazards. The unit has also been an OSHA Education Center since 1994 reaching thousands of individuals each year through the OSHA Outreach Trainer program.

Prior to joining WVU Extension Service, Fullen worked as a safety director at Orders Construction Company. He also served as a safety engineer and supervisor for Morrison Knudsen Corporation.

Fullen started at WVU Extension Service in 1998 as a construction safety and health specialist and clinical instructor. His work focuses primarily on construction safety hazards, specifically falls from height and hazards specific to residential construction. Fullen has served as interim director of WVU Extension’s Community, Economic, and Workforce Development unit since 2009.

He has an Ed.D. in technology education from WVU. He earned a master’s degree in occupational safety and health and industrial hygiene from Murray State University, along with a bachelor’s degree in safety engineering technology from Fairmont State University.

In addition to his work at the University, Fullen serves on the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) National Occupational Research Agenda Construction Sector Council and the ANSI A10 Committee for Construction and Demolition Operations.

To contact Fullen, e-mail, or call 304-293-3200.